Welcome to Vintage, Scrap & Stitch!!!

We're glad you're here...literally!!!! AND.... we'd like to invite you to reconnect or connect with us for a new lineup of creative fun for 2021!  We had great fun transitioning from "in person" events to virtual events in 2020.  We appreciate each of you transitioning alongside us through ALL the technical difficulties, group changes and delays.  The final QTR of 2020 (October/November/December) was grueling, full of unexpected loss, emergencies and life changing events personally and professionally.  As a result we took a "rest" from the 24/7 rigors of running a virtual business to put attention where it was needed.  We greatly appreciate your patience during this time.

The "rest" made things very clear to us..."Creating and Connecting" are extremely important to our sanity during this unprecedented time. Shopping for product is valuable to but...it's the "Creating and Connecting" that's most important!  As a result, we're pivoting, prioritizing, simplifying and refocusing every aspect of our business ONE MORE TIME!!!!  

How can you connect with us in 2021?  We're going to make it simple even for those who don't really like technology!  All events, demonstrations and classes will be virtual for the indefinite future!  We're not sure how long that will be BUT...please check the calendar tab above to see what's scheduled thus far!

Other ways to connect:  Click the "LinkTree" tab above to access ALL of the links to our various pages, groups, platforms, pages, websites, communities, social media and YouTube!  That doesn't sound very simple but I guarantee is it!  More details are always emailed or posted in the new private group after registration is completed for events and classes.

Soooo....click those links and join us wherever it works for you.  Updates in the new group and event registration opens week of January 2nd.  We appreciate your patience through this transition! 

Thanks for your continued support!  It's been great to communicate daily with so many of you throughout these last through months.  Here's to health, happiness and creating and connecting in 2021.


Staci Shuck, Owner

Vintage, Scrap & Stitch, LLC