Whew!  Happy 2021

Jan 4, 2021
Ohhhh myyyy!!!!! We did it! Happy 2021!!! I hope this finds you safe, well and hunkered down in your creative space as much as possible between responsibilities, obligations and all the "must do’s" required to keep going through this pandemic! Many thanks to all of you working to keep us alive with on the front lines. You are much appreciated and I hope you can get creative with us soon.

October, November and December were grueling for our family. Filled with fire, explosions, loss and emergency right to the very end of 2020. I found myself taking a step back, laying low, resting and being quiet in order to take it all in and process. There were bright memorable moments amidst the turmoil that brought family and friend closer and thankfully we currently remain safe, well, alive and quite aware that things can always be much worse. I so appreciate the daily communication with those of you contacting just to "check in" during this time, your compassion and friendship is valued and irreplaceable. Sincerely appreciated beyond words.

This "time" to rest and reflect, made many things very clear and reinforced the fact that we needed to "pivot" one more time with our businesses, currently both operating from our "home". That said, we’ve got a plan and I’m excited to invite you to join me for a simpler, easier, still creative and always fun, journey…. to create, connect and craft our stash in 2021. Things kick off January 4th (I know, you’re receving this AFTER January 4th - but at least you’re receiving it!) with our first Make It Monday on youtube! I hope you’ll continue to connect and stay in touch. More details and specifics below and when it doubt…check the calendar at www.vintagescrapstitch.com
One more time…..THANK YOU to each of you! Stay safe and well! Staci
The 2021 Improvements:
EVERYONE can now access demo’s, tutorials, classes etc. via our new online community (no facebook required)! It’s completely private, completely ours and you can find it at vintagescrapstitch.com by clicking the "virtual community" tab. You will need to register and be approved to access all the updates and again IT IS FACEBOOK FREE!!!!
www.vintagescrapstitch.com is your one stop shop for accessing all information. A detailed explanation that changes daily can found on the home page with tabs across the top of the website ready to get you where you need to go with a single click of the mouse or mousepad.
A calendar of all events can be found at vintagescrapstitch.com. This updates daily and if you click on the event it should open to a window with full details and links to register etc. (Note: this is a process, completed by yours truly, and there may be errors here and there. Please email me if you have questions - vintagescrapstitch@gmail.com
At this time ALL events - classes, crops, retreats near and far - will be virtual. Risks are great (with many having nothing to do with Covid) and safety of attendees is of utmost priority as is the need for my business to survive. We will return to "in person" events as soon as safe. Changes will appear by event on the website calendar.
Email communication: To receive updates via email, please register for the newsletter by clicking the newsletter tab on the website… vintagescrapstitch.com. Newsletters are mailed monthly or in the event of a schedule change.
Facebook users: Find updates on the Creating With Kiwi Lane and Vintage, Scrap & Stitch pages. You can also find me at Papercrafters Purge Flash Sale Group and on the various virtual show groups.
I am continuing with Kiwi Lane and Creative Memories and look forward to sharing new product from each in upcoming classes, demonstrations and events. Specials will be announced via email, on the calendar and social media.
Our first "CROP IN A BOX" (just like a real crop but delivered in a box to your door) is scheduled for weekend of January 29. There is a "DIGITAL" verison and a "REAL BOX" version. Registation to receive the box ends January 15th. DIGITAL registration ends January 26th. Click the "REGISTER" tab at vintagescrapstitch.com for details!

There’s more to explain, more to come and I’m excited to get this year off to a creative start and I hope you’ll join me! PLEASE don’t assume you can’t participate! We’ll find a way and I’m happy to help…reach out please so we can create and connect. In the meantime THANK YOU, stay safe, stay well, stay creative and most important STAY IN TOUCH!
See you soon, Staci